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***Update 5/15/2020*** Disregard most of my ideas. 1/2″ NPT to 3/4″ barb fittings are needed.

IMO $60 for a piece of aluminum is, well, a bit much. Being a DIY’er I had to come up with my own version.

Run down to your hardware store and pick up a 6″ pvc cleanout plug. Yes, the same type of plumbing your toilet is connected to! Set the IACV in the hole, making sure there is enough over hang around the valve. Trace the outside, trim it to shape, drill and tap the holes, add a fitting anywhere really, slather on some RTV gasket maker and you’re up an running. Paint it black and it blends right in.

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I also made a block off plate for the 00-01 throttle body. Its just a piece of aluminium flat stock, cut and shaped like the IACV. At first I was going to leave it blocked, but then got the wild idea to make a hybrid 4th/5th gen IACV setup. Drill and tap the bottom of the TB and BOP and add the fittings. My setup uses 2 fittings, one to delete the 3/4″ hose on the mid pipe / resonator.

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All plumbed up:
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All the fittings are 1/4″ pipe thread (mip npt) and 1/2″ barb.

I am revisiting this to update what actually works. The original fittings were too small. They made noise and caused issues with cold idle and hard starts.

I have increased them to 1/2″ NPT with a 3/4″ hose barb. I drilled and tapped a hole on the back of the intake to add a barb (kind of under the cruise control actuator) and plugged the holes in my TB plate. I used a heater core hose to plumb it. Everything runs perfect now.


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