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So my buddy and I did and overhaul last week on my car…I finally replaced my grinding transmission, rear main seal and replaced the Clutch. I wanted to put in something better than the stock maxima clutch because I thought it would be pretty weak. Also because I’ve had an Exedy Stage 1 in my 93 VE and loved it. As an alternative to the expensive Stage clutches for the 5.5 gen, I ordered a 350Z clutch from Dave B and prayed it would install no problem. Low and behold, it bolted right up. After putting the car back together, our first start caused a loud knocking sound…We couldn’t explain it, because he had done a ton of other work to the car including removing the Upper oil pan to install the front and rear seals. The noise went away eventually and now it doesn’t make a sound. Very strange.

I gotta say, the 350Z clutch is great! I love it. The pedal is much lighter in feel than the stock maxima clutch, and when engaging it bites, yet smoothly with almost no chatter. I didn’t have to adjust the pedal or anything. The engaging spot is right in the lower middle. The car just feels like it grabs effortlessly and with the cleaned out oil pan, intake manifold and new iridium plugs, the car feels like new. I’m definitely impressed.

Stock on the Left and 350Z on right:

Friction Discs (notice how much heavier duty it is)

Pressure Plates (they weigh about the same too)

350Z Friction Disc

Pressure Plate Installed

“new” 03 6spd HLSD Transmission – Tried to get an 04, but none available in the time frame I needed it

“old” 02 6spd HLSD Transmission – Can you believe this thing was still drivable. (Yes that’s a mix or gear fluid, motor oil and crap)

Rear Main Seal

Additional Insight from Member qnpark8282

I recently installed an HR clutch with Fidanza flywheel. So not only regular 350z clutch fits the HR clutch fits also. The clutch is very very light compared to stock and engages 10x smoother than stock.