Member Credit: EddyMaxx

I was getting the following codes together, P0720 and P1574 on my 2004 Nissan Maxima which has a 4-Speed Automatic Transmission.

My Symptoms:

  • RPM gauges would stop working intermittently
  • Speedometer would flicker from time to time
  • My cruise control lights were flashing (when pressing cruise control)

Code Definitions:

  • P0720: Output Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction aka Vehicle Speed Sensor
  • P1574: ASCD Vehicle Speed Sensor

The Fix

I was getting ready to just buy and replace the sensors. However, I decided to check the harnesses for these two sensors. Surely enough, the harness had an exposed wires due to corrosion and the connectors were very loose. I fixed the exposed connections and tapped up them up nice. I also ensured the harness plugs were properly secured. And PROBLEM resolved for these two codes.

Below is a photo of the two sensors.

Photo Credit: Picodroid