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95-01 5spd VLSD rebuild (open diff part numbers too)

I’ve rebuilt 8+ or so 5spd open/VLSDs. Converted plenty of 6spds to HLSD/spec-V 6spd swaps. So it’s not a big deal for me to undertake something like this in a week.

I usually work thru and don’t stop to take pictures, so here’s some pics I was able to snap in between working/breaks. This is not a guide by any means, just familiarizes you with what is involved. This is not a job for someone who doesn’t have intermediate/advanced wrenching skills – so you’ve been warned..

it took me a week to disassemble my first 5spd back in 2005, now ~3 hours. If you are not familiar with how a manual transmission works internally, or are not confident in your abilities or can’t deal with issues when issues arise – leave this job for someone who knows it well.

I did not show the disassembly of shift forks/pins/how to set the check ball system/reverse gear/proper way to re-shim new bearings and other complex parts of rebuild, so once again this is NOT a how-to guide in any form or shape – I’m just posting pics of my progress.


All ordered from Nissan = NACHI/NSK/NTN high quality Japanese bearings.
I’ve seen cheap kits with unknown bearing brands (made in china) and would not recommend using them due to the questionable quality of bearings

  • Input shaft bearing 1 – 32203-03E13
  • Input shaft bearing 2 – 32203-03E00
  • Main shaft bearing 1 – 32273-79E00
  • Main shaft bearing 2 – 32223-79E62
  • Pass side diff bearing (open diff – 2X) – 38440-96E00
  • VLSD driver side diff bearing (EXPENSIVE) – 38440-79E01
  • Input shaft seal – 32113-03E00
  • Shifter yoke seal – 32858-03E00
  • Pass side axle seal – 38342-81X01
  • VLSD driver axle seal – 38342-51E00
  • Open diff driver axle seal – 38342-81X00

How do you know if you have open diff or VLSD (the dumb way – look at the transmission)

  • if axle seal is small = open diff (left)
  • if axle seal is large = VLSD (right)

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Now that you know what transmission you have you can get the proper seals/bearings.. not gonna be cheap (VLSD bearings are ~$450)

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Onto the pictures: starting disassembly

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Cover is Off

Name: 20140421_145506.jpg Views: 278 Size: 101.8 KB

Shift forks, main/input shafts and diff is out

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OLD bearings off

Name: 20140427_135727.jpg Views: 297 Size: 93.1 KB

OLD bearing leftovers

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Shift yoke out

Name: 20140427_135744.jpg Views: 241 Size: 102.2 KB

Cases cleaned

Name: 20140427_144633.jpg Views: 223 Size: 107.2 KB

Yoke with new seal and boot in

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New bearings pressed on

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Assembled and sealed (need to swap speed sensor)

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Old tranny out

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VLSD tranny going in

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NEW axles, NEW throw out bearing

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and that’s all.. fun times y0!!